About our Monthly Meetings

We get together once a month in the local area of Birmingham/Troy to discuss  all things LEGO, share our latest MOC’s (My Own Creation), building techniques, and where to get the best bargains! We may have occasional mini build challenges just for fun. We also cover club business such as the next show or exhibit, membership drives, and participation in LEGO programs.

How to Become a Member

The Number One Requirement is a Passion for LEGO!  After that it is fairly simple! You must attend a couple meetings a year and participate in one show. For shows participation can be as simple as helping with set-up, tear-down, or answering questions during the show. There are no membership fees.

What if I am not 18 Yet?

We do allow Junior members based on maturity and building skill level.  You must be accompanied by a parent at all activities.

Show Themes

We are open to any or all themes for shows and displays; castle, space, town, technic, and mindstorms. The theme of each show or exhibit is based on member participation and what those builders are most interested in.

Please contact us on the ‘Contact Us’ page for more information and any other questions you may have.